Individualism: A Community Killer

The BFFs Church

In my blog,A Culture of Isolation,” we talked about how Americans are ranked amongst the loneliest people in the world. This may seem rather shocking at first, but it really comes as no surprise considering our culture’s values.

This week, we’re diving into one of the first characteristics of our isolated culture that is feeding the loneliness epidemic:


There are two types of cultures people can live in this world. There are individualist cultures, like the U.S. and most European countries. But then there are collectivist cultures—which happens to be the vast majority of the world.

Collectivist Cultures

In collectivist cultures, there is a heavy emphasis on relationships. When you look at Latino, African, and Asian cultures, you’ll see that a hierarchy exists across the board for all one’s relationships. Every individual is seen as someone who is connected to a greater web of…

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