Faith, Life, and the Ghostly

the theological beard

Fr. Mike Schmitz has a YouTube video on the question of the existence of ghosts – I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts! Check it out. This is the first time I have watched one of his videos, but I have heard people speak well of him before. The video is sound regarding our faith, but faith isn’t just content; it’s living. In this particular instance, I wonder about his pastoral application of the Church’s teaching as well as his personal understanding of what a ghost is as opposed to the common understanding.

Ghosts are commonly understood as souls who are not at rest and still dwell on earth. The reason for this is typically articulated as “unfinished business”. There is something or someone anchoring them to this world and until it is resolved they cannot find peace. This is usually conceived of in some kind of benevolent form and the…

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