Advocating for Truth: GMOs

Actual and factual…

The Peterson Farm Blog

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (Please read first!!!)
  2. What are GMOs?
  3. What are GMOs not? 
  4. Why do farmers use technology such as GMOs and pesticides? 
  5. My perspective on the safety and sustainability of GMOs 
  6. My perspective as a Christian on GMOs 
  7. Questions and comments from readers answered
  8. Additional Resources


Hello everyone, my name is Greg Peterson and I am the oldest brother of the Peterson Farm Brothers. You might know us from our parody music videos about farming on YouTube. Most of our videos are entertaining in nature, and stick mainly to all of the positive things that are happening in agriculture today. Today, however, I am going to take some time to discuss one of the most controversial subjects I’ve ever been around, genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. I have spent years pondering and questioning what I believe about this subject of extreme complexity, and I think I am…

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