Pope Francis and the Duggars

the theological beard

I’m not really clued in to pop culture. I was vaguely aware of a show about a family with 19 children, and didn’t even know that the number was 19. So when a student told me about the scandal surrounding the Duggars this past Friday, I didn’t know what she was talking about. I mistakenly thought Josh Duggar was the father and that this had happened recently. Since then I have learned more about this particular scandal. What strikes me (though it does not surprise me) is how condemnatory people’s reactions toward Josh have been. It also drove home how much we truly do need to listen to Pope Francis. The people who condemn Josh and the Duggars in general are the same people who incessantly quote Pope Francis’s, “Who am I to judge,” in defense of homosexual acts. The problem is that these people never bothered to learn what the…

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