Please stop saying “And a little child shall lead them”…

Theologically Speaking

Okay, for the millionth time, I have heard someone say “And a little child shall lead them” out of context.  Today it happened on the news as I heard the story of a young boy who is raising money for a children’s charity.  The newscaster praised the young man for his efforts, which was a wonderful gesture.  At the end of the segment, another newscaster commented on the maturity and kind heart of the boy and then said to everyone watching: “And a little child shall lead them.”  In the context of the newscast, this statement meant that adults can learn from the leadership of a child.  Or, that in some way, the leadership of a child is superior to that of adults.

Now, I am not denying that this boy is a fine example to us all and that we would do well to follow his lead in being more…

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